Character profile of Flukke

Name: Flukke
Sex: Female
Level: 198
Vocation: Master Sorcerer
Achievement Points: 27
Achievement Rank: None
Last Login: 31 Dec 2018, 14:59 → 31 Dec 2018, 15:01
Residence: Thais
Created at: 12 Nov 2018, 09:03
Account Status: Free Premium Account

Name Show all Grade Points
Annihilator 5
Becoming a Bigfoot 1
Champion of Chazorai 4
Death Song 3
Depth Dwellers 3
Efreet Ally 3
Guardian Downfall 4
Natural Born Cowboy 1
Seasoned Adventurer 1
Something's in There 1
Zzztill Zzztanding! 1

Date Details Show all
31 Dec 2018, 14:59Killed at level 200 by an elder wyrm Last Hit
zombie, demon skeleton, white shade, scorpion, necromancer, and others.Involved
27 Dec 2018, 14:41Killed at level 199 by a draken warmaster Last Hit
and a draken spellweaver Most damage
lizard dragon priest, dragon lord hatchling, draken abomination, and others.Involved
24 Dec 2018, 17:37Killed at level 188 by a deepling guard Last Hit
deepling scout, deepling spellsinger, deepling warrior.Involved
22 Dec 2018, 20:32Killed at level 178 by a lizard high guard Last Hit
lizard dragon priest, lizard legionnaire.Involved
22 Dec 2018, 10:20Killed at level 172 by a lizard high guard Last Hit
dragon hatchling, dragon hatchling of lizard dragon priest, and others.Involved
18 Dec 2018, 16:07Killed at level 144 by a lizard high guard Last Hit
lizard legionnaire, lizard dragon priest.Involved
18 Dec 2018, 14:25Killed at level 139 by a serpent spawn Last Hit
and by Flukke Most damage
earth elemental, giant spider, ghastly dragon, green djinn, and others.Involved
18 Dec 2018, 14:10Killed at level 140 by a medusa Last Hit
and a serpent spawn Most damage
Flukke, gargoyle, and others.Involved
16 Dec 2018, 11:59Killed at level 126 by Bongos Fuhrer Last Hit Unjustified
14 Dec 2018, 14:20Killed at level 112 by a lizard chosen Last Hit
lizard high guard, mutated rat, mutated tiger, lizard dragon and others.Involved