Christmas arrived at Taleon and along with him the NPC Santa Claus comes bringing several gifts!

-You can get only one gift per character speaking hi and then present.
-You must be level 80 or higher.
-The NPC Santa Claus will be online from 12/12/2018 until 30/12/2018.

Remembering that from 12/20/2018 until 27/12/2018, you will have the invasion of Grynch Clan Goblin!

Merry christmas and good luck for everyone!

The long awaited Forgotten Knowledge Quest (also known as boss thais and halls of hope) has been added to Taleon!
It is now necessary to deliver 5 Heavy Old Tome to the NPC Albinius to use Level 1 and Level 2 Imbuements. Access to Level 3 Imbuements are released facing their bosses (each boss releases certain imbuements).
The Server needs to work together to build the temple and enable the portals, it is necessary to deliver 450 Heavy Old Tome so that in the next Server Save the Temple (Halls of Hope) is complete.

For now only the terrible Lady Tenebris is available (death portal) but in the next few weeks it will be possible to access the others portals and their respective bosses.

Defeating Lady Tenebris and clicking on the machine the respective imbuements of level 3 are released: Powerful Shroud (Death Protection, Powerful Reap (Death Damage) and Powerful Vampirism (Life Leech).

By the end of December 2018 we will deliver the complete Forgotten Knowledge Quest (Boss Thais).



7.12.2018 - 16:00 CET

Taleon EU is a brand new server for the European OT community. Taleon is an easy to enjoy to enjoy -yet challenging mid-low rate- RL-map server. Taleon has always been praised for it's PvP features and very high quality RPG content.
Our retro PvP is perfectly balanced alongside the other dozens of custom unique features make us different from the other RL maps out there!

We got almost all old quests that anyone would like to do and of course we also have the most important newest ones as well. Constantly are adding more. This is also something very important that differs us from the rest. We update regularly. We invest into the OT. We are striving to make Taleon perfect!

Taleon is a long-term OT and it will not shut down anytime soon. So that is something you do not have to worry about.

Server Information

Few notable features:
  • Over 140+ perfectly working quests, including new and old [quests]
    • Quest experience bonus

  • Over 280+ Achievements + custom cool collection system [achievements]
    • You earn Crown Tokens by getting achievements, and you can spend those tokens on Outfits, Mounts and many other things! [crown tokens]

  • Plenty of war features for guilds - Including private arenas. [For Guilds]

And of course we have all the basic features that you should expect from any 10+ OT in 2018.
  • Prey System + A Custom Twist [Read More]
  • Imbuing System
  • Cast System
  • Reward Chest System
  • Auto Loot [Read More]
  • Bug free content

Few images from Taleon.

Forgotten Knowledge Quests (Thais bosses)

Ferumbras' Ascension Quest

All the old notable quests in any way, such as all outfit quests:

We have been developing Taleon for years now. It is a very high quality real-map server with lots of content and none known bugs.

Check out our website for more information about the server: Taleon EU | Going Beyond


Friday 7th of December 16.00 CET



Taleon Staff.